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    The Problem

    College students who build in-person relationships have more satisfying college experiences, report less loneliness, and are more generous alums. Over 350,000 Chinese students attend US universities, while hundreds of thousands of students want to learn Chinese or work with China. The challenge is that, while they overwhelmingly want to get to know one another, Chinese and domestic students have a hard time sparking conversation.

    Who is Nearby

    Share in Common

    Connect Over Trending Topics

    Spark Conversation

    Free to Talk

    Banter’s backbone is a system of trending topics. Users are shown topics, such as questions, events, articles, etc. They scroll through them, “swiping up” on all of interest. When students interested in the same topic are nearby, they’re notified and invited to check out each other's profiles. They then initiate text chat or face-to-face meetup.

    Our Solution

    International students have not only become vital to the financial health of universities, but they also help stimulate the economies of the US states and regions in which they study.

    The Market